An elementary course of computer graphics (C7) (Book - foreword (romanian) and table of contents) (pdf)

Modeling and visualization of 3D polygonal mesh surfaces using geometric algebra (B16 - UVA) (pdf)

Interface specification and implementation internals of a program module for geometric algebra (B17 - UVA) (pdf)

Finding the nD Voronoi diagram by geometric algebra means (B15 - UVA) (pdf)

Computer graphics from a geometric algebra perspective (F7 - UVA) (pdf)

A spatial decomposition based approach for matching point collections (B26 - UVA) (pdf)

A client-server application for students time-table automation (B25) (pdf)

Data structures and algorithms with examples in C and C++ (Book- foreword (romanian) and table of contents) (pdf)

A parallel ray-tracing application - The base engine (B14) (pdf)

Charging schemes for network systems (B24) (pdf)

Procedural modelling of natural phenomena (B23) (pdf)

Some application architectures for realistic image synthesis in a distributed environment (B13) (pdf)

Wavelets usage for image compression (B12) (pdf)

An evaluation of three methods for arbitrarily located data modelling (B22) (pdf)

An evaluation of an hierarchical method for curvilinear data representation (B20) (pdf)

Multidimensional data sets reduction through spatial decomposition (B19) (pdf)

Organization of geometric point data information for parallel processing (B9) (pdf)

Aspects concerning the implementation of a multidimensional index structure - the BANG file (B18) (pdf)

Approaches for curves representation in spatial databases (B21) (pdf)

Scientific visualization, a mature field of research in computer science (B11) (pdf)

Information access methods in databases for graphic processing (B10 - romanian) (pdf)

Query systems in databases for graphics processing (B8 - romanian) (pdf)

Data models in databases for graphics processing (B7 - romanian) (pdf)

Hgh level synthesis of hardware systems. Algorithms for HLS systems. (F4 - ISEN Lille France - romanian) (zip archieve, pdf)

Parallel/distributed algorithms in the field of graphic synthesis and image processing (F6 - Table of contents - Turin Polytechnic - romanian) (zip archieve, pdf))

Databases for graphics processing (A1 - Table of contents) (pdf)